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St Oliver Plunkett School Malahide

"In our school, we value the uniqueness and importance of every human being.  We recognise the rights of our children to equal access to all education in our own school, our community and in society as a whole.  We will strive to have all our children realise their full potential in a happy caring environment.  We will endeavour to develop a sense of responsibility and adaptability for a changing world.  We will work towards cultivating a positive self-worth and respect for the importance of each individual and each community. We will promote a cooperative spirit and good, independent work habits."


Social distance

Sanitise your hands frequently

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough


During these difficult times, it's important to stay safe and healthy. That's why we have some simple steps to help you keep safe in school! If we follow these steps, together we can help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

If you have any symptoms, don't come to school. Don't be afraid to tell the teachers if you feel sick! 

Try not to touch other people's stuff


School Holidays

June bank holiday - Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th

May bank holiday - Monday 2nd

Easter - Monday 11th to Friday 25th April

Bank Holidays March 17th and 18th

February Mid Term -School closed Monday 20th - Friday 25th Feb

Christmas - Thursday 23rd December. School reopens on Thursday 6th Jan 2022

October Mid Term - Monday 25th Oct - Friday 29th October

School returns - Tuesday 31st August 2021



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Our Website Creator

This is Shea, a 14-year-old ex-pupil at Ollies
Shea's many interests include technology, making websites, science, art and design, coding, lego, tinkering, music, and creative writing.
Shea has lots of ideas, he likes doing projects and presentations, helping out and being a Buddy.
In the Summer of 2018, when the school was under construction, he thought the new school should have a new website and decided to design one. He presented an initial design to Ms. O’Connor and was very excited when his proposal was accepted. Shea had some previous experience in website design but learned a lot
more in the process. It took around 3 months of hard work and dedication but he thoroughly enjoyed working with the school, coming up with ideas and incorporating those from his classmates and teachers into the website. Shea is delighted to have been given this opportunity and is extremely gr


We are very proud of Shea, and very proud of our wonderful new website.

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